To My Mother, My Best Friend

Glenda Union

This is for my mother and my best friend, Vernell. She left us at 2:30 a.m. on April 13, 1997 (1 year ago). Mom had been very sick with liver cancer for about a year before she died. The doctors had only given her three months when she was diagnosed but she made it almost another year. Mama (as we called her) had 12 children (9 still living) and had been through some awfully terrible hardships, but she never complained she was the strongest and most caring person I have ever known. Even when she was so sick she would lay in the bed and try to make sure everyone else was all right. Hospice had come in to take care of her about 4 weeks before she died and she was always so sweet to the nurses and loved everyone of them. She had a heart that was endless. I still remember the day we took her to the hospital, Hospice had told us it was a matter of hours and we were all around her bed and she was in a coma by then, but I know she knew we were all there with her. I still feel the same as though it was yesterday, I miss her. There was a lot of times in my life when everyone I knew had turned away from me because of some bad decisions I had made but I always knew without a shadow of doubt that no matter what my mother was always there for me loving me unconditionally. I just hope I can be half the mother she was to my son. I know today she is not suffering and is in no more pain but my heart really aches just to touch her or to talk to her. She was an angel here on earth and I know she is really an angel now.

Glenda Union

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anniversary date 4-13-97
date of post 4-13-98

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