Looking Past the Stars

Georgi Fisher

Between the reporters at the door and the newspaper articles strewn about the house...there wasn't much time to heal. On August 3, 1996, my beautiful sister, Wendy, 24, was found dead in a field about 30 minutes away from our suburban house.

Wendy was an angel. She was an angel who fought many, many battles during her short time on this earth. As a young child she had always enjoyed playing baseball...she was voted MVP on her little league team. She was plagued with many learning disabilities, which made school a frustrating and sometimes horrible place. My sister was perfect. She didn't have a coping mechanism until she was introduced to drugs during high school. Drugs became all she knew.

Like everyone on drugs, we suffered along with her. Our family was torn limb from limb with the many 2am calls from the Police, the times she ran away and was missing...even when she was in treatment, sleep was a rarity. I'm only 17. But, I was her best friend. Wendy eventually grew up. She married and gave birth to two beautiful children. Brandon is now 6 and Savannah is 20 months. It looked like things were looking up. She had been clean, fixed up her own place, had kids...she was living the American dream, right??

I guess it wasn't a surprise when drugs called to her again. Weak, she gave in. Soon, my parents took custody of her children and she began life back on the streets. I remember something about her fondly. When we were young, we would lay in the front yard and look to the stars. She seemed at peace. She'd point to one and say "There! That one, the bright, one, that's mine!"

The call came a few weeks before Thanksgiving in 1996. They had a body for over 3 months and had not been able to identify it. They asked us for pictures of Wendy...the believed that it was her. Between the time she was gone and that phone call lay 7 months of worry, anger, hurt, and pain. After a few days, they had correctly identified her body. I was 16 at the time and completely lost without her. I'm on the brink of college and starting my own life now. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't look to the stars..."There, that one! The bright one, that's her."

Murder was hard to deal with. Not having her around to laugh with, talk to...its something I NEVER thought I'd get through. Well, here I am over a year later...surviving.

Wendy, you are the guiding light. Between here and the stars lies a little girl looking to you for the answers. Rest in peace, my angel.

Georgi Fisher

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anniversary date 8-3-96
date of post 3-14-98

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