I Love You, Dad

Garry Bonnemere

I lost my father yesterday. I still can't believe it. I had always thought that he would be around forever, but now he is gone and I am lost.

My father was a very independent man. He kept a lot to himself. He even kept his illness from all of us but the cancer told on him. He fought it for 3 years, never giving up. He tried to do everything he was used to but the disease was taking it's toll. I could see him slowly deteriorating but he would not admit anything. It was hurting me to see him this way, but there wasn't much I could do.

My father taught me a lot. Being a school teacher for over 35yrs, you can imagine how important education was to him. I have seen the value in what he preached to me all those years. I am doing the same with my children, too.

I wish I could have told him I loved him more. I did truly love him, even though I didn't say it a lot. I did tell him before he died. I hope he heard me and understood.

It hasn't been 24 hours since he's been gone and I dread seeing him in the casket. I hope I have been a good son to him; someone he was proud of because I was very proud of my dad.

Dad, I love you.

Garry Bonnemere

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