In Casey's Memory

Frank and Beth Russell

Casey was born a few minutes after midnight on Friday 13th. The nurse thought we would be upset by the fact it was Friday the 13th but Casey's mom was born on a Friday the 13th, so we thought it was a great thing. He was our third child and we were thrilled to have him. It took us five long years to have a child and we were so happy to now have our third healthy and beautiful child.

Casey grew up in a good neighborhood where the children played up and down the streets. He was a happy child and most loving. Teachers would tell about his constant hugs and his wonderful smile. One of the things Casey loved to do was go with his dad and brother hunting, and that explains the background of his page.

On Fathers Day, 1994, he had his good friend and former neighbor, Adam spend the night with him. Adam was 11, and he and Casey both played baseball at our little league park. On Monday, they got up and watched some TV, but it was a beautiful day and they got restless. Casey asked his mother if they could go over to the school and play on the newly renovated playground. The boys went to the playground but somehow decided to explore and ended up on a railroad trestle over a creek. As they looked down over the creek a freight train with 82 cars came around the curve. The boys had no escape route and were trapped.

We had a double funeral with a tremendous turnout and quite a tribute to two fine young men that were well-liked in the community. They are laid to rest in adjoining plots and are forever in our hearts.

Frank and Beth Russell

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