Oh What A Thought

Frances A. Franklin

Suicide Oh what a word with meaning unheard.
Suicide Oh what a thought or was it not?
It seemed so selfish but you did not know.
You left us behind with our sorrow, grief and pain.
Why did you not think of others or how it would effect those who loved you?
Why wasn't our love greater than your pain so that you could stay here with us?
We could have helped if only you would have let us.
I know you felt all alone but you weren't we were right here beside you but it was as if we weren't.
Now that you're gone by your choice alone, or was it, we will forever miss you and love you and wonder oh what could we have done.
After all the should have would have could have beens I know there was nothing that we could have done you did you what did because you thought you had to.
I do forgive you although it took time and I want you to know
that even though you've been gone for 27 years
there has not been a day, hour or minute that you were not in my mind and on my heart
I was born with you and I'll die with you no one can take you away
only God our Father and lead you safely home.
So you see big sister we will be together again when God calls me.
Until then rest on Angels wings and fly with the eagles help make a place for me
so we can be HOME together once again.
Oh what a thought a beautiful one when I can see you and hold your hand once again.

Forever your little sister,


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anniversary date 04-24-71
date of post 07-12-98

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