Teaching Patience

Liz Forshee

I'm a mother, and a grandmother; something I always wanted to be. As time goes on and I watch my grandchildren grow, I think about my own mother, who is progressing with Alzheimer's Disease. I want to say so much to her, to bring her back and keep her focused. Does she remember what a good mother she was? She raised seven children during the 50's and 60's while working every day outside the home. Does she remember my dad, Albert, her husband since 1941? Inseparable pals, he's confused and suffering from the loss of this partner. Even though my mother isn't able to communicate her wisdom and caring in the ways she once did, I continue to learn from her. I learn that the good times are precious, and that our loved ones are never to be taken for granted. Someone asked me if I thought my mother had any regrets in her life. I don't believe she did. She took whatever came her way and was truly the happiest when her family was seated around the dining table, enjoying her food and each other. From that, I continue to strive and have that same simple and satisfied view of my life. I'm learning that love and dedication is unconditional. I have to love my mother as she is now, even when she can't recognize me or respond. She's teaching me patience every day. I'm learning that her legacy can be kept alive. By colorful stories and wonderful photos, my mother's great grandchildren can get to know her. I'm learning a mother never stops being a mother; you may have to look deeper for her wisdom and love, but it is always there. Thank you, mom, for all you continue to teach me.

(Written by Liz Forshee who lives on Hilton Head Island and who wrote this, in the Island Packet newspaper, in honor of her mother, Elizabeth Kish Quentin.)

Sent in by request of the Quentin Children who live in Missouri.

Liz Forshee

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