In Memory of My Son Richard

F. Morgan

My son Richard, 20 years old, decided to move from our home in Newfoundland, to Ontario, Canada, to seek employment. My sister welcomed him into her home and treated him like her own son. On June 7/97, a Friday evening, Richard decided to go to a local bar to try and meet some new friends. Having only been in the Ontario area for five weeks, he was not accustomed to the area, but decided to go on his own and learn his way around.

Richard did not return to my sister's home that night. My sister called me on Saturday evening to tell me he had not arrived home. I knew immediately that something was wrong because he would not be gone that long and not call to let her know where he was. After numerous calls to hospitals and police stations in the area, all to no avail, on Sunday morning my sister read (in a local newspaper) about a young male who had been involved in a hit and run accident.

Upon calling the hospital where they had taken him and asking what the identified male was wearing, she knew it was my son. The police came to her home and brought her to the morgue where she identified Richard. He had been crossing the street and was run down by a drunk driver, who did not even have enough courtesy to stop to try and help my son. Instead he went home and went to bed. Only for the help of eye witnesses who followed this man, we may never have know who did this. Richard would have been 21 on June 12/97 - however instead of celebrating his birthday, we laid him to rest the day before he would have turned 21.

It has been almost eight months, sometimes it seems so long ago, and other times it seems like only yesterday. Time does not seem to help my feelings of longing to see him again, to hold him, and to tell him how much I love him. I miss him terribly. I also have a tremendous amount of anger for the man who killed him and is still walking the streets a free man. I don't know if the agony of losing a child will ever leave me.

I pray that I will see Richard again when my time comes to leave this earth. I also pray that our judicial system will one day justly punish people like this man. I wonder when people will learn that drinking and driving doesn't mix.

Richard, I love you and miss you.


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