Treasures Of The Heart

Evelyn Knapp

It was a cool summer night when Evelyn and Eladio met. If only they had known that their time together would be so short! When they saw each other, it took only one look for them to know that there was "something" just did not make much sense. They talked and found their likes and dislikes and almost everything about them were the same. Hours upon hours they spent together learning more and more, getting closer and closer. Evelyn fell deeply in love with Eladio, she seemed to know him "deep inside". On the outside he had developed many problems, he got very addicted to drugs and at times would become very violent. They had one son together and Evelyn was very happy just to have a part of him. She found that she could not stay with him any was too dangerous..but loved him just the same. They stayed the "best" of friends throughout the years, shared all their deepest feelings. When their son was about 10 there arrived some very bad news... Eladio had developed Aids from sharing needles while doing drugs. Evelyn now knew that eventually she would lose him, she never wanted that to ever happen...she was heartbroken! She remained by his side through it all..right to the end. Her life was shattered the day he died. She felt all the love that she had inside just leave her. Besides the love for her children, she just didn't seem to have any left. She found her strength through Jesus Christ..He carried her through. She hurts to this day, she misses her "love" very deeply...but she has come to realize that she can hold him in her heart. Nothing and No one can ever take that away. She looks forward to the day when they will meet again, and as they greet each other, they will just know..that there surely is "something".. Something that they just can't explain! The love they had for each other even time or distance could never erase.. it is forever!!

With "Love" There Is No Distance

Evelyn Knapp

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