Rabecca Rose

Erica Hanson

My little girl Becca was only 3 and was due to start school 3 days before the accident. The driver of the car we were in pulled out in front of another car going about 60mph. Rabecca's daddy, little sister and I were in the car. Becca was between me and her little sister, Lissa.

Becca was flown to a Children's Hospital right away, in a coma, unable to breathe for herself. That day will always a hard day to deal with. That night she responded to our voices, but by 7:00 am on 8-31-97 she took a turn for the worse. Her daddy and I had to make a choice to shut the machines down. The doctors pronounce her brain dead at 3:00 p.m. and we decided since baby loved to make people laugh, we'd donate her heart and kidneys, so now two other families are enjoying their loved one.

Here are two things that were written in honor of our little angel: RABECCA ROSE

This was done by Jessica Johnston:

My little friend Rabecca Rose Stirewalt is three years old. She was born November 24, 1993. Rabecca is a energetic little girl and full of life. And a joy to be around. She always wants to go over to the school to play or to come over to play with the puppies. And when Rabecca found out she could go to school this year, she got so excited that her and her mommy went out and bought a whole bunch of school clothes. She tried them on. And together they picked out what she would wear the very first day if school. Rabecca also loves her little sister Melissa very much. Always wanting to hold her bottle for her or in some way take care of her. A big sisters love for her little sister. But Rabecca will always be remembered by her cute little smile and her cute little giggle. And how she touched so many lives just in the short time she was here. Rabecca died because of a careless driver on 8-31-97.

This poem is by a friend who was like Becca's second mom:

A child so precious, a child so dear
We'll never forget the days you were here.
You had a sweet smile that melted our hearts
Your laughter was the sunshine in every day's start.
A child so precious, so happy and gay
you touched everybody in your own special way.
By the little things you did, like your own song and dance
We wanted to love you, you gave us that chance.
A child so precious, no longer on earth
We'll always remember you, we've known you since birth.
So thank you, sweet child, for the memories you've given
They'll always be treasured until we meet in heaven.
Oh child so precious, child so dear
You'll never be gone You'll always be here.

Erica Hanson

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