My Fiancee, I Miss Her...


Katrina was the most wonderful woman I have ever met. I met her on the internet by chance in 1996. After talking, we discovered we happened to live on the same street. Me and some friends were going on a 4th of July trip, and she came along. I knew, just knew, she was the perfect one for me. Shortly after the trip, we became a couple, and began living our lives together.

We were together for 1.5 years when she died. We never had one argument, never broke up. We always had fun together, and we were best friends. I can't imagine a relationship more perfect.

It was the night before Thanksgiving. She was taking me to band practice, when turning into my drummers driveway, a 16 year old kid in his parents van, hit her driver side at 80. She died within 3 hours, and I was hospitalized for 3 days... I can't make sense of it. I have a lot of hostility for this person. And I miss her more than I had ever thought possible. If only I could touch her one more time. She loved everything about this world, and cared for everyone. She was an innocent spirit.

Me, your parents, and your little brother. We all miss you, and will always love you...


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anniversary date 1998
date of post 12-21-98

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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW