Friend's Death

Elisha Gill

On November 18,1998 I heard news I never wanted to hear. I went to cheerleading practice(like normally on a Weds.) then came home. My best friend was with me at the time. Then my older brother's friends came in and gave me the news that my friend for 7 yrs. Paul David Thomas had hung himself in his room. I didn't believe it. I thought it was just another joke they were playing on me, but when my mother (who was at work at the time)called me to ask if I was okay, I knew it wasn't a joke. The next few days were really bad. People at school were crying left and right and the library was filled with thousands of teens. All I heard was "he didn't seem like he was upset or depressed", when I was at school. I live in a small town and when the day of the funeral came, the place was filled. I came 30min. early to help his mother and I could not find a seat. Paul was the kind of person that if a friend, of a friend, of a friend needed help he would try any thing to help out. Now I feel that my heart is completely empty with him gone. The night before the Graduation me and my friend, Mike, sat at his grave with candle light and Paul's CD's playing, to see if people were going to show up. 241 people filled the little grave sight. When we left I slammed my hand in the door and it locks on me. I sat there waiting for the pain and I finally opened the door and no blood marks or pain was there. I knew then he was watching me.

Paul, I know your doing good and God is taking good care of you, but I want you to know, there isn't one day that goes by that I wouldn't die just to have you back for one last day. I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU. Now I would like you to please take your time to read a poem I wrote the day of my late best friend Paul D. Thomas.......

I sat in the dark,
as the tears rolled down my face,
I was wearing my favorite dress,
black silk with flowered lace.

I stared up at the moon,
while the clouds moved by so still.
As the last tear dropped,
on my body I felt a chill.

Why you did it?
I'll never know why.
I guess I just get to sit here,
thinking over the memories and cry.

Knowing I'll never get to see again,
tears my heart into,
I just want you to know one thing,

Dedicated to my friend, my helper, Paul D. Thomas. May the loving memories of him live on.

Waiting to be with her friend again......

Elisha Gill

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anniversary date 11-18-98
date of post 10-09-98

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