Dear Mum I Love You

Douglas Gordon

My Mum passed away peacefully in her sleep on Good Friday in Scotland. I got the word by telephone from my sister the next morning in Vancouver, BC. I am still in the early stages of grief, a few tears have rolled down my cheeks but the pain I want to let go is still imprisoned within me. I seem unable to let it go even though I desperately want to. This last weekend I left Vancouver and went to a small remote island in BC to try and be close to her and despite listening to "DANNY BOY" through a walkman as I sat in a remote bay and looked out to sea I could not achieve a real cry. Even though I hadn't seen her since 1990 I still kept in touch with her by telephone regularly and on March 26 she had a Mother's day card from me (that's when it is there), I LOVED Mum and I want to grieve her properly. Why couldn't she have stayed alive till I went over there later this year.

Douglas Gordon

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