Loving Son and Brother


My son, Buddy was an avid motocross dirt bike rider. He and J.D., the friend of my youngest son, BillyJack, went to Ebo to check it out the weekend before a race. Needless to say, J.D. came driving Buddy's truck home without him. When I took one look at J.D. I knew something was terribly wrong. He said, Momma, Buddy was going up the steep hill, got to the top, his motorcycle kicked back and threw both Buddy and bike back down the hill. As they went down every turn, the back tire would hit him in the back and sides of his helmet, splitting it in 4 different places. The owner's had him taken to St Louis University Hospital on June 11th. He had to have emergency surgery. The Dr.'s told my husband that when your son wakes up he's going to have a hellacious headache! So they came out of surgery and told my husband that Buddy only had x amount of days to live. I don't understand, from a headache to dying? He never gained consciousness! How can this be? So, June 22nd the last day of his life, I was running a little late getting back to the hospital when my pager started going crazy, it was the hospital number, they wanted me there pronto! I got there, ran in Buddy's room yelled Bubba, Momma's here and stroking his beautiful blond hair, he let out a sigh of relief (as I call it) and slipped right away from me. It took me forever to get home. I thought someone had just ripped my heart out. If that wasn't enough, I still had to tell his little brother, BillyJack, who had been in Chicago with his school. My boys were always together, did everything together. BillyJack was and still is devastated. We have not only lost a son, and brother, we lost a friend. Buddy would have been 25 on Christmas Eve. He was a fine young man. He finished high school, went to college at night, and was a licensed electrician when he left us. So Bubba this is for you, with loving thoughts and forever in my heart.

I love and miss you son,


P.S. Please visit soon. I feel the to speak to you before I can let you go. All my love, Momma.


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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW