My Mother My Hero I Miss You


My mom was my hero and my best friend She taught me so many things.The last gift she gave me was the introduction of the world of MAC computer. Without this computer I could not have made it these 3 months without her. Connecting with others about grief was a blessing she would have wanted for me. My mother Roslyn was a truly honest caring person. Trating all she made in her life with kindness and compassion. Using her tough life experiences to understand others problems

My mom worked from her very young teenage years Her mom took all her money and was mean to her. Despite her unhappy realtionship with her mom my mom knew how to be a good mom She was a good cook whose shrimp salad I begged for on a regular basis. She made clothes for me with matching outfits for her and my dolls which I treasure to this day. She took my brothers skiing and spent time with each of her 4 children.

My mom married my father but that marriage ended when I was 3 because he was a gambler. She remarried and had 3 more children all boys. Her children were each special to her. Unfortunately that marriage was unhappy because he had a bad temper and attitude.

About the time I got married my mother divorced my stepfather My brothers started moving out and my mother got some freedom She worked as many as 3 jobs at a time to support herself. An electronic technician as a full time job and a waitress to make ends meet At that time she started at achieve her goal of buying and moving condemned house for a way to achieve retirement security. She encountered many obstacles. Not one stopped her she did all the work herself on these properties tiled bathrooms did plumbing sanded floors hauled garbage painted. She was on a shoestring budget. Sometimes not having money for coffee. As the years went by and she approached retirement he started reaching her goals At 73 she still did must of the work on her rentals herself.

When she died it was evident from her checkbook she put her money where her mouth was Many small donations to all the charities she believed in sharing her small income with others.

Finally her retirement years arrived She was able to travel on a shoestring budget to Russia France England Turkey China Japan always on her own attempying to learn the language and takings thousands of pictures Her hobby was photography and we have many many pictures. She loved gardening the computer(aMac of course) ballroom dancing tennis and travel.

My mom was a fighter upon learning 2 months before her death she had 4th state mestasized cancer she never for one moment accepted she would not make it Starting immediately on alternative treatments The spirit was willing but the body too weak already. Because I could not take away her hope we did not talk of her dying I wrote her this letter the week I found out she had cancer When she read it it was the only time she cried during the 2 months. I often told my mother how I loved her and she told me Several years ago she told me she had had a good life and would not feel bad to die but she worried about how I would handle her death that she said proved how much she loved me to care for me more than herself


Please read my letter to my mom as my final memorial tp her

Dear Mom

I think you know how much I Love you I was lucky to get such a wonderful mother. I appreciate all the love and support you have always given me. I can not imagine a life without you. The earth would be a cold place without you. I love you very much. Sometimes we don't say the words we mean to say so right now I want to tell you how special and important you are to me.

You have given my life love and support kindness and understanding. You have shared your love of gardening photography computers with me I am very lucky.

We have always told each other if you have that one special person to talk to it keeps you sane. We have each other.


Roslyn Levine Born May 22 1923 Died Dec 30 1996

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date of post 04-05-97

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