A Way to Honor My Mother, Diane

Denice Kallmyer

Diane Kallmyer was a special person to many. Not only was she my mom, she was my best friend, mentor, confidant, she was everything to me. Losing her was the worst thing in my life. She died 11/13/97 from anoxia caused from a cardiac arrest. She was a warm, caring woman who put others needs before her own, especially those of her children. I will always love her and miss her with all of my heart.

She made others feel good about themselves. She wasn't the June Cleaver of the neighborhood, but if anyone needed anything, she was always there. Everyone who has met her thinks she was a very caring person. She wasn't a push over though, and as many people have put it, once you got to know Diane Kallmyer, you have a friend for life.

She never missed anything in my life, from my first day of kindergarten, to my first concert in the 5th grade, to graduation, to parent's day at college for sorority, to my first concert as a band director, or anything in between. She was always a phone call away, and would drop what she was doing for me. I depended on her to help me through rough days with encouraging words, as well as to share the best days with her as well.

I think of her every day of my life, almost every minute, and find myself picking up the phone wanting to talk with her. I feel cheated, I still need her. And always will.

Denice Kallmyer, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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anniversary date 11-13-96
date of post 02-03-98

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