My Son, Steve


My name is Deloris, I am divorced, am 65 yrs. old , live in Florida and lost my dear son Steven last Dec. 18, 1997 @ the age of 46. He would have been 47 on his birthday, Dec. 31. Steven was the most devoted, loving son a mother could have. Therefore, his loss is ever-present. I want to look through my front window and see him walking to the front door bringing bagels & donuts for a Saturday morning breakfast. I want to hear him call me "Mama" and tell me "I loves my Mama", I want to hug him again. Most of all I want to know how to get through the rest of my life without him.

Every woman should have been blessed with a son like Steven...I guess I should be happy that I had him for so long, but that is little comfort to me. He was so alive, so vibrant, and so hungry for life. How can anyone ever reconcile to their loss? Does anyone really "get over it"????


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anniversary date 12-18-97
date of post 07-03-98

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