Debbi Dickinson

Debbi remembers her 4 miscarried babies: Junior (Christmas Eve 1980); Kimberly Melissa (Aug. 25, 1987); Angel Winter Dawn (Christmas Day 1989); Ashley Brooke (Sept. 3, 1995):

The following is from my book, WHISPERS IN THE WIND (2nd printing, 1995)

"A Moment in Time" by Debbi Dickinson

Time passes,
but not the love I have for you,
nor the ache inside of me
because you are not.

You were with us
for as long as God allowed.
You were real.
You existed.
You counted.

You were with us
for only a short time,
but it was time enough
to grow to love you,
for you to make
a difference in our lives.

You could not stay,
but thoughts of you
will forever remain,
as does the love this day,
tempered by the pain.

Debbi wrote this in memory of her father, Henry Lundin, who died 7/24/94:

"Windwalker" by Debbi Dickinson

He dances
among the stars
and walks
on the wind.
Death is a horizon.


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