Will forever miss you

Deborah Moore

Tommy, Tommy, what have you done?
Why did you do this,
you were not shunned.
We all love you so deeply,
why couldn't you see?
You turned to the wrong people,
it should have been family.

We all ask the same questions,
Why didn't you say something?
Why didn't you call?
We would have been there,
to save you from
the beckon of the hall.

Why did you do this?
Why, why, why?
And although I know the answers,
all I can do is cry.
But still I get angry,
just like the rest,
that you couldn't fight it,
to see the next sunset.
Now we've lost you
and are feeling confused,
but we will always love you, Tom
Love you, true and true.

I'm probably the one
who understands the best,
the feeling of hopelessness
because I've been there, yes.
I understand Tom the pain that you had,
that you didn't mean to hurt us,
you just didn't want to feel bad.

So, soar Tom, soar!
Fly high above the clouds!
We'll be together one day,
but in the meantime,
we'll make you proud.

So soar like an eagle!
Fly like the wind!
And we'll be looking for you Tom,
looking in our dreams,
for we all now know,
Dreams have Wings!


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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW