My Sweet Logan Miller


Telling of a young child's death is never easy. My nightmare began on May 9, 1997 and ended in death on May 13, 1997 of my youngest son, Logan Thomas Miller. He was born only 3 years prior on December 16, 1993. He was a very active and healthy young boy. But on a Friday night he began feeling ill. He had a fever and by the next day it turned out to be the most horrific disease I have ever seen. He had contacted a bacterial infection which invaded his little tiny body. He never knew what hit him. It was diagnosed as meningococcemia. A deadly bacteria carried in adults that can kill children. My son was never sick. He had never been to a doctor for anything, no colds, no ear infections, nothing. But now he was dead. How could this have happened?

He was such a joy to his whole family. He was a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy who was full of energy. He loved life and loved everyone. He would tell you he loved you even if he only met you. He could win anyones heart and did so many times. He is now in heaven doing those same things and one day I will be with him again. We will rejoice in each other and in God's love. Until that day comes he will be forever in my thoughts and my heart. He will never be forgotten and will always be missed. Logan is that beautiful angel watching over us everyday.

I love you, Logan (L.T.) Miller, my little buddy--------Your Mommy.


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