My Good Buddy Dez

Darrell Ireland

My good buddy Dez. Dez and I first met when we were 5. We didn't really know each other until we were 5. Dez and I moved out of each other's parents' places to live together when we were 17. We worked together for a few years. When I met my girlfriend I moved out and Dez followed suit and moved in with his girl. had our birthdays 15 days apart and our children 3 months apart. I survived a catastrophic motorcycle accident on August 26, 1993 and I had to bury my best friend exactly 5 years later. Ya see, Dez was killed in a car accident in which he was a passenger. He was the only one who died. Dez lived life to the fullest and never looked back. He leaves behind the woman he loved since high school and a 5 year old son and a 3 year old daughter, a younger brother and sister and his mom and dad. He will sadly be missed by all who loved him. For me, now I have two Anniversaries on the same day. The day I got a second chance at life and the day when I had to say goodbye for the last time to my soul brother Dez.

Darrell Ireland

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anniversary date 08-23-98
date of post 08-31-98

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