In Memory of Jacob

Darcy Greene

My son was 21 months old when I found him face up in my mother's up ground pool. I tried CPR and got him breathing so I thought till I heard a noise from him and panicked My sister and brother came running out she started CPR once more on my son than my neighbor started CPR also. It was Oct. 16,1997 he was pronounced brain dead due to hypothermia from a near drowning Oct.19th 1997 We buried Jacob Oct. 24th ,1997 at the national cemetery of Florida in Bushnell. WE did make him an organ donor. He was a very happy boy and I would give my life to have him with me but I know he is in a far better place. Yes granted I was blaming myself at first than I was mad at god but I never once left my grief and anger for his death get me down. With god's help I got through the hardest months. Christmas was the worst because he died before. He was a wonder boy very smart with red hair and blue eyes. He loved Toy Story very much. I really don't know what to say expect to those who have experienced this kind of death please let god work for you as he has in my family. WE are a lot closer now than ever. If any of you has an up ground pool or any pool please cover it and keep the ladder away from the pool. Please know kids at 21 months of age can open doors. I learned the hard way with mine. His birthday was Jan. 24th 1996 he would have been two this year. I am now at peace knowing he is in heaven and I know in my heart one day I will be with him. And you will be with yours lost and gone from us. I wish you peace and will keep all in my prayers. I thank God for at least giving me the time with my son all though it was short. he touched many lives and I will always miss him and love him no matter how many children I have in the future, Jacob will always be my jelly bean. God bless our son may you rest with the angels.

Darcy Greene

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