In Honor of Tee Jaye and Misty

Rev. Dale Fincher

Tee Jaye and Misty were the best of friends. They were closer than most sisters I have known. Their friendship, however, was not exclusive. They had many other friends and I thank GOD that I was one of them. Let me correct that please, "I am one of them." Tee Jaye and Misty were both Christians and so am I. I know that we will see each other again.

Tee Jaye and Misty were in an accident that claimed their lives, as far as this earth is concerned, but carried them into LIFE as for as eternity is concerned. If it were not for that fact, I don't think their friends and family could go on.

The accident was on Highway 316 that runs from Athens Ga. to Atlanta. Hwy 316 reminds us all of the Bible verse that is so often seen on banners at sporting events, John 3:16.

Tee Jaye and Misty both knew that verse and both had expressed their faith in Jesus Christ, God's Son, as their personal savior.

In fact, they both joined our Church on the same day, June 19, 1994. The fact that they did so much together made us believe at times that they were inseparable, and as it turns out they were and are inseparable.

While their death on earth leaves us with a deep emptiness and SORROW, that brings us tremendous and even indescribable pain , their LIFE in Heaven brings us a fullness of JOY for them and hope that brings a PEACE that also defies description.

Our pain is for our loss, our joy is for their gain, and our peace is from knowing that we will see them again and that we will never have to say good-bye after that.

In the meantime, let us busy ourselves by telling everyone we can that there is a GOD above who loves them and has sent His son to give them eternal life if they will accept His plan.

Rev. Dale Fincher

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