Theresa Lea

Connie Pritchett

The worst day of my life was on a Sunday afternoon the 29th of October 1989, my daughter Theresa Lea had gone for a ride to collect leaves for a school project, and she never came home. Life as we knew it was over, the careless speeding of a sixteen year old (who survived) ended all the dreams that went along with having an only child. Theresa was a bright shining light in our life and suddenly it was very dark.

The quiet was one of the hardest things to get used to, the phone was always ringing or there were young people coming and going and then there was the silence for two lonely people.

I think for a number of years I was in a daze, I can look back now ( it's been almost 9 years) and see that I just was drifting through time until I almost lost my husband. He had filled his life with anything that he could do to keep busy and keep from dealing with losing Theresa and me. Until it was almost to late we almost separated several times but I was not willing to give up on our marriage. For me that would have been like losing a part of Theresa that I could still hold on to our being together was all I had left of her.

We now have been through all the stages of grief, angry and any other emotion and have survived, there is life after losing a child, but you can never be the same. I believe you have to become someone else, I know I did. For anyone out there that needs someone to talk to, or just to be listened to, feel free to contact me.

Two years ago I bought a computer and started on another stage of my life without Theresa. I have met a lot of people and spent a lot of time creating a web site dedicated to her. She was full of energy, not perfect, but greatly loved, she would have loved the internet. If you get the chance please visit her web site at Theresa Lea

Connie Pritchett

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anniversary date 10-29-89
date of post 07-01-98

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