A Shooting Star

Cindy Thomas

I am 39 yrs. I lost my mother on Labor Day in 1993. She had a long hard struggle with cancer. We were to go visit her the day before she went into the coma and my dad and her called to tell us not to come because it would be a long drive and hard on the kids. They always thought of everyone else before themselves. The next day we went but she was in the coma and we were unable to say our goodbyes. I always felt guilty for that. In a dream one night she came to me and we talked and hugged and kissed and said our goodbyes. The quilt has lifted but I miss her so. This past Thanksgiving (the night before) my dad and brother were coming up to my house. I had prepared all the foods dad liked just the way mom used to fix them. Him and my brother were having a nice chat and he just nodded over and took a few snores. My brother had thought he'd fallen asleep. He wasn't far from a hospital and they started working on him imediately but....I was standing on the back deck waiting to hear from someone when I saw a shooting star and I knew without anyone telling me that dad had gone to be with mom. I'm still having a very hard time dealing with it. I know they are in a much better place but I miss them so. I am glad to have a place to come and relate with others going through their losses. I would just like a little of the pain to go away.

Cindy Thomas

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