Honoring My Hero -- My Father

Chrystal-Amelia Assee

My Father died on Saturday November the 7th 1998 in Toronto , he had an aneurysm in his sleep and went onto the "Next World " feeling no pain as I would rather believe. He had moved to Vancouver for several years keeping close contact , he had then proceeded to move to Toronto before what would have bin his final stop Montreal , we're his beloved daughter's reside , he never made it to Montreal....one week from being home he died....

He was an accomplished artist and a fine musician with a vast repertoire he was known for his talent in strumming a guitar, his youth was spent playing out his dream , he then went on to pursuing his desires to be an artist, he lived for embellishing his surroundings, a fine creation he accomplished , he leaves in great sorrow and sadness that one cannot begin to express the tremendous feel of loss.....8 children , Wendy , Sean , Nicole , Faye, Chrystal , Melaney , Nicholas and Brytaney. My Father was 52 years young, far to young to die.

IT is with tremendous confusion and sorrow that I decided to put in writing my memories , I am heartbroken at a point that I feel my hearth will never mend for I have lost my hero , my best friend , my mentor of life, my daddy, I sit here and cry as I am writing these words that seem so unreal , the death was so unexpected and sudden it still seems unreal.

My legacy from my Father was to not judge anybody for everyone has a chance at life , to look at everyone the same way , with love and respect no matter who they are....As I try to reflect on the death of my father and come to accept his death, it is hard in this situation not to judge the powers that be who have the decision to end our life on earth , why know ? why when he was coming back home to us ! it seems so unfair he was gone for to long and he was coming home .....for what I would have hoped for ever......

I understand he never belonged to any of us....we had no power over his longevity on earth or his time spent with us , but the utter feeling of loss cannot reason with the acceptance.....

Thank You so very much Daddy for meeting my mother and having us , it was the best thing you ever accomplished for I can see you every day when I look at my sisters and myself......

Rest in peace , good-bye for the moment until we meet again !

From your daughter ,

Chrystal-Amelia Assee

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