Love Never Dies


Even though distance sometimes separated us, my sister, Liz, and I were very close. I was very excited because her and her husband were moving back to Denver and we would be in the same city again. Her and her husband, Bob, were married just a little over a year. They were staying with me this past summer waiting for their house to be ready, when Liz told me she was pregnant. They moved into their new home mid October. She was in her dream house 10 days before she was hospitalized for toxemia. They delivered her son that Saturday by c-section. Robby came into our world 11 weeks early. The next day, Liz died. Liz was able to kiss her son before she slipped into the next expression of life. Liz left behind many people who cherished her love and her divine beingness. Sometimes, I think the pain is to much to handle, I miss her so much, but then I remember that Liz would not want me, or any of us, to be sad. She left our family with many loving memories and wonderful little baby to cherish. Robby will know how much his mom loved him, and her memory will live on in him.


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Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Tom Golden LCSW