The Worst Trip of My Life

Christine Scrio

At 4:45pm on 01/28/98 the phone rang with news that I had expected to hear for a couple of years. My mom had a heart attack and was on her way to the hospital. I had expected this because it seemed to run in her family; all 5 of her brothers had their 1st heart attacks in their 50s. The only difference was they all went home. My Mom survived that 1st heart attack, but would be in the hospital for a couple of days. I needed to see her, to feel her, to know she was alright; so I flew down to help out when she came home. Dad picked me (and my 6 yr old daughter) up from the airport and we drove straight to the hospital. My brothers had told me she was fine but I had to see for myself. She looked and acted just like she always did, except maybe a little tired. They took some tests and determined that an angiogram should be done at another hospital, so off we went. And that was the beginning of the end.

I remember the last time I saw my Mom awake, I fed her dinner. She was still sore from the angiogram. She was scheduled for an angioplasty the next day and I didn't get there early enough to see her. She was in having the procedure when I got there. They called me and Daddy in to walk with her to recovery but they brought her in without us. As we waited outside, she had several heart attacks. Doctors came out and told us surgery was necessary but it didn't look good, call the family. As they wheeled her by I told I loved her and not to give up, seconds after that she died. They brought her back and performed the surgery. But all they brought back was her body. If they would have brought back her spirit she would have fought harder. We kept her on the machine so we could all say goodbye. It almost seems selfish now. On 2/8/98, the machines were turned off and my Mom joined her parents and left behind her loving husband, 4 devoted children and 3 beloved grandchildren. I love her, I miss her. Some day I hope to see her again.

Christine Scrio

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