End of the Journey

Cathy O'Dell

Barbara Brinson-Dobbins Early in the morning on the day after New Year's Day my dear friend Barbara died of a heart attack. It was so sudden. Our friendship started in high school, in the tenth grade. It was one of those times when you just click with a person. Our friendship had ups and downs, however, the last time we were together we had a wonderful time in South Lake Tahoe, and San Francisco. We experienced many of life's peaks and valleys.

When I saw her at the funeral home, it was hard to grasp the finality of her life. It was so hard to look at her face in death. I can hear her voice and remember her mannerisms just as if she were here with me right now. I will never forget my friend Barbara --- rest in peace dear friend.

Cathy O'Dell

anniversary date 01-02-98
date of post 01-12-98

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