Lauras' courageous battle with breast Cancer

Laura, Our Beautiful Angel

picture of Laura Laura once told me Mom I've had a good life, which she fought hard to continue. February of 1994 she discovered a lump in her breast. The day of the biopsy I told her that I had said a prayer that everything would be all right and her response was "Sometimes God says no". Due to the fact she had 2 children and a loving husband it made her fight the battle even harder. The first test told us the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes and a lumpectomy was completed. The next phase the usual chemo and radiation. This was an aggressive cancer and it was back within 2 months after chemo stopped. Next try was a bone marrow transplant at Duke University, which slowed it down. She passed away May, 1996. She was an angel on earth now God has the pleasure of her company. On her last day she express "I am so very happy" then with starring eyes she said "I see a lot of people". We asked her if she knew the people and she said yes. The last words she expressed was "God and I have a relationship and that's the way it is!". I guess we all knew then she was putting on her white robe and entering heaven.

I know that time will heal, but I sure do miss the daily phone calls and her wonderful presence. This has been the hardest loss I have ever had to bear. If I can make it through this loss I can do anything. I have cried a river or two, but sometimes feel like my heart has a hole larger than an apple. Her Dad had given her a special heart that said "Daddies Little Girl" and has placed a crystal angel in her stone. He misses her more than words can say.

Laura Conley Hess, our daughter was a beautiful 33yr old that was loved by all that knew her and is dearly missed. Laura loved life and lived it to the fullest. She was a wonderful Mother to our 2 beautiful grandchildren that we cherish.

Our precious angel Laura will meet us when we too are called to heaven.

Love You Laura (1/26/63- 5/14/96)

Carole Conley

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Carole would welcome mail of support and understanding, particularly from those who have experienced a similar loss.

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Carole, 54 "Daughter Lauras' courageous battle with breast Cancer"