You must be so lovely now!

Carolyn Chemlal

Now that you're free, my love, from the chains of earth and flesh,
How lovely you must be!
All the life, the joy and zest,the great heart and eager spirit,
Set free now, to grow unhindered
By that which belonged to earth.

The torment now is gone; the bruising scars of life,
Wiped away as if they'd never been.
You can breathe now without effort;
You can think without anger and pain.
You can see clearly; all the hurt and confusion healed.

How I long to see you now, my love!
To see your joy, the beauty in you set free!
Can you see now the perfect pattern of God's design,
In you, and all that He has made?
And do you understand the purpose in all that you endured?

Do you look down from heaven, and see us with God's eyes,
And understand the way we are, and tell the angels what we need?
I feel that you do know, do feel our grief,
And long for us to share with you
The joy and beauty that you live in now.

One day, my love, we will be there,
Your children and your wife, all that you loved on earth,
Will share with you, in looking on the face of God,
And with new eyes, will see each other,
Will realise the beauty we only glimpsed before.

We have to live here now, and do without you for a while,
So we recall your generous, loving spirit, your honest ways,
And know that we will know each other, when we meet again.
All that was good between us, will be perfect then,
Sorrow will be gone, and we will never part again.

Carolyn Chemlal

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date of post 01-03-97

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