In Memory of Mom and Dad

Camilla Jensen

Both my parents passed away from cancer in early 1997.

My Dad had been healthy all his life and got diagnosed with colon cancer in October 1996. It quickly became apparent to my little family that his cancer was terminal, we were, however, ready to fight for him.

Only two months later, in December my Mother discovered a lump, she had Breast Cancer a few years before, so we felt she was invincible, she would never die. Her cancer had returned, spread to the lungs, my Mother quickly became very ill and from New Year until her passing the cancer spread all over her body. None of us ever assumed she would die, she was a fighter - one of the best. The illness prevailed and my mother had to let go.

My father, devastated by my mother's death, started giving up. I will never forget the day my father and I were sitting in front of the Doctor and he basically told us this is it, we have run out of treatment options, go home and enjoy the spring. Enjoy?? Six weeks later my father was released from his suffering and he joined my Mother.

We, my brother and I, fought for both of them, but it was not enough, my mother died at age 55 and my dad was 63, both far too young to leave this world.

Both my parents were eaten up by this terrible decease and it is hard to find anybody who can relate to the loss, the anger, the feeling of life being incredibly unfair, and the loneliness I am left with. I would give anything to talk to my parents again, to tell them how much I love them, and appreciate everything they have done for me. I know they knew, but I never told them out right. I would love to tell them about the ups and downs of my life, but I am only left with a very painful memory of two great people (not always perfect, but good at heart) that left my brother, me, and this world too early.

I try to find strength through my grief, my brother and I always repeat in our minds, that our parents wanted us to be happy human beings, hence, we try to have a positive outlook on life to honor their life philosophy. It becomes easier every day, sometimes we both have great days, like we used to have when were naive about life, death and injustice. It is obvious to me, my child like positive mind has been marked forever, I know how painful it is to love, suffer with a loved one, and too loose. The really sad days, however, become less, so I believe that one day I will be truly happy and can think of my parents with a smile honoring their memory.

MOR og FAR, I am proud to have known you and to be your daughter, I miss you very much. Camilla

I would appreciate any mail from anybody, especially if you have lost your parents to early.

Camilla Jensen

You can send email to Camilla at: [email protected]
mail welcome

anniversary date Mother: 01-14-97 Father: 05-13-97
date of post 03-22-98

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