Saying Goodbye


Today it is only one month since I had to say 'goodbye' to my Mother. She suffered with cancer for 5 years, but especially in the last 6 months of her life. There will always be something missing in my life - - it will be my Mom. I will miss her at her house where my Dad lives without her. I will miss her at family gatherings at the township office. I will miss her at our farm. I will miss taking her to the mall. I feel fortunate to have had a Godly Mother. She often talked to me of the spiritual life of those in our family. It was important to her for them to know Jesus. Her death means one more reason to want to go to Heaven. As a Christian, I can say I will see her again.

My Mom may not have had a big college degree, but she was intelligent. She was self-educated and shared many lessons of life with me. While my Dad pursued a career and worked at keeping our family of seven going financially, my Mom was standing behind him so proud of what he accomplished. She felt blessed to be able to serve the Lord in this capacity and be in his shadow. And I am sure Daddy would grant his long years of striving as a result of her faithfulness and constant love for Him.

In the past month as my Mom battled cancer, she kept her eyes on Jesus and looked forward, without fear, to leaving this earth and passing to a home where many she loved had already gone.

I miss her sense of humor and teasing. I valued her opinions and suggestions. I long for her encouragement and acceptance. I want to just talk to her on the phone after breakfast or over a cup of coffee at the dining room table. None of this will ever happen again. But one thing is for sure...she is notsuffering anymore. She doesn't have to grasp for breath. She doesn't have to be humiliated with the personal care that needed to be taken care of. She is now running the streets of Heaven and talking up a storm. My Mom was an excellent housekeeper. I'm sure she is finding something to dust or clean!! I want to keep her vision and dream alive and that is to live a life of Christ. I hope I can pass that on to my children, just as she did to hers.

I love you, Mother. You are my Gem.


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