Too Soon

Brenda Potts

I wrote this poem the night before my only child's funeral. His name is Gage Aaron and he was 171/2 years old when he lost his battle with depression and took his own life. My pathetic words cannot begin to express the love I have for him.


Too soon the summer fades-
mornings wake without the song of birds,
the sun slides below the mountains,
shortening each day to but a moment.

Too soon the summer fades-
the breeze becomes a wind,
dressed in chilled splendor,
it alerts us to a change.

Too soon the summer fades-
flowers drop their pedals
to reveal the product of their season,
the seeds of a new and beautiful life.

I say farewell to you,
the summer of my life,
as the wind of change carries you
to a new and beautiful life.

To my beloved son, Gage
3 Oct 96

Brenda Potts

anniversary date 09-30-96
date of post 12-02-97

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