Mr Sunshine

Bob Lindsay

It's funny how here in Scotland you never call your Dad by his first name. You either call him Dad or miss it out altogether..I called him Dad. It's hard to say how close I was to my Dad when I was really young. In some ways I always felt more like an observer than anything else(!) I remember at about 8 feeling critical inwardly of his effervescence and joking about - He was always full of natural charisma, humour and enthusiasm - singing songs and getting the words wrong - telling you jokes or a favorite cliche for the umpteenth time. I wanted more seriousness from him! I wanted a guy who acted like Charles Bronson or Clint Eastwood! Even as he got older his favorite scene was doing karaoke - singing in clubs on his numerous holidays in the sun - although he did manage to get the words right in the end!

Funny how these are some of the human traits I value most of all now.. naturalness, warmth, joking around - sometimes playing the some of his comedy heroes 'Tommy Cooper' 'Les Dawson' 'Chic Murray'.. It may have taken a Dad like mine to show me about having humour & warmth and coax me out of the 'Spock' like coolness of my youth. Without him I probably would have taken myself a lot more seriously but been much colder in nature - I needed his Sunshine - At his funeral I reflected on how strong and constant that his warmth and commitment had been. I realise now I wouldn't have swapped him for any other Dad. I miss him now, my Dad - Mr Sunshine.

Bob Lindsay

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