The Road to Recovery

Bill Kaminski

On 4/18/61 my mother committed suicide. My father, unable to deal with her death, blamed it on me. I was told to stop crying and be a "man". I was 10 at the time. Later that day, our priest stopped by the house. Upon talking to us, he informed us that my mom was in Hell for what she did. It was 39 years later when I started dealing with the issues of that morning. I am still working on them. On 5/8/97, while at work, a co-worker went up the fire escape and jumped off the roof. I have now been touched by suicide twice. I have had more resources available to help me deal with this suicide then I did the first one. Now I am wonder, what resources are available to help kids deal with the loss of a parent, sibling or friend? I look forward to hearing from anyone who cares to write. Thanks for listening.


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anniversary date 04-18-61
date of post 11-28-97
email update 6-11-09

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