Grieving for Angel Wife, Nadia

Bill Heggs

NADIA was an angel that came to earth to make a good man of Bill Heggs. Before their meeting Bill was pretty wild. He drank a lot. He chased women and sowed his wild oats everywhere.

In 1972 Nadia met Bill and a strange bond was created. The wild life stopped, and a new life of love and kindness began. We took solace from the bible. We cared about others, and how others cared about us. Mostly we enjoyed each other. We found new worlds by travelling to our local attractions. Seeing the ocean, the Oregon Coast, California Coast, Mount St. Helens, rain forests, ferry boats and sunsets, and we became one.

On April 3, 1992, Nadia lost the battle to breast cancer returned to the Father, but left Bill to carry on alone. I am having trouble with this, as the beautiful things have lost their meaning. The world is suddenly empty, to look at a sunset only brings tears to my eyes, knowing how much it would have meant for Nadia to see it. Oh how I miss her!!!!

Nadia and I both believed in the Bible and the promise that the day will come when all those in the burial chambers will be called out, and the world will be in a new system of things. Rev. 21:4 says: "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away." Amen!

Bill Heggs


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anniversary date 04-03-92
date of post 01-01-98

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