My Dear Precious Mother

Bill Crisman

My wife and I lost our best friend, our most trusted advisor, and our staunchest supporter, when I lost my Mother, at the young age of 96. That was on March 9th 1997. She suffered a massive stroke, and lived a week longer. On the discussion page, under "My dear precious Mother" I tell of that remarkable week, so on this, her honor page, I will try and capture the essence of her specialness. She was born Elizabeth Eleanor Dilworth, on October 28th, 1900. She had one older, and two younger brothers. She was a feminist before it was in vogue, and in every good sense of the term. She voted in the first election women could vote in, she drove when cars were a novelty. She wanted to bowl, and was told it wasn't ladylike so she went on her own to learn, and surprised my Dad by knowing how to keep score, when he finally took her to bowl. She always had a well-defined sense of what was right, that's why she was such a valued advisor. She also abhorred conflict, and if she sensed any, she had an innate ability to help you through the conflict, without seeming to make anyone feel they were in the wrong. A true diplomat!

She valued her independence, and when she had to move into a unit she had built behind her oldest son's home, she still had the independence of living alone, yet the security of her sons closeness. In 1994, when she gave up driving,( voluntarily ) she found a bus service that went to town once a week, and would pick her up at her door, take her shopping, banking etc. and take her back to her door. She did not give up, she adjusted. She was an example of aging gracefully.

Mom had the ability to learn something well enough to teach it. She learned how to make many kinds of hand-dipped chocolates, and in her eighties taught candy making at College! She also loved Hawaii and taught the Hula and gave hula demonstration. She was making candy for all her family and friends this past Christmas, and told me only two months before she passed on that she had achieved the perfect truffle. I sampled it and she indeed had. She also gave hula demonstrations in her last year as well. I hope you can see why I felt this precious lady deserved honoring.

Some day I will not cry some each day with my grief, and it will be because she would not want me to. She was someone unique and irreplaceable, she was my dear, precious Mother and best friend.

Bill Crisman

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