My father Mon


I am 46 years old and lost my father Roy on Feb 3rd of 97. He was the most intelligent man I have ever known. He was married to my mom Karole for 48 years and was very devoted. I have three brothers and we all respected him to the nth degree. He always spent time with us after work for sports and homework. When I was in gymnastics in 1968 he hand built a side horse for me to practice on during the summer and weekends. He would get off work at 5 pm and drive several hours to attend meets. Because of him I was state champ back when no one even knew what a side horse was. He was such a loving father I cannot begin to express the loss we are feeling. It really has us floored. He died from a heartattack during the very routine prostrate surgery! When I come home from work and my son wants to play catch or roller blade and I would rather just sit and rest I think of my dad and go with him. It wasnt until I was a father myself that I understood the sacrifice always made with out complaining. Bill, John, Craig, And Greg miss you very much. We called him Mon for MY Captain as named by my Grandfather William Kennedy.


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anniversary date 02-03-97
date of post 05-19-97

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