Forever 34...Mark

Bernadette Sutton

Dearest Mark:

As I write this letter, six weeks have passed. Six weeks without you - although I see you in my mind and our'e in my thoughts from the morning when I awake until the night when I finally close my eyes. I know it's true but I have to force myself at times to accept that... I find that very very hard.

Why did you do it Mark? Why, why, why? Why did you have to die? You did not even say good-bye. You will never ever know how many people loved you so... You were so special, so very very special. You touched so many lives and painted gold wherever you went. So many people come into our lives and so many go...but only a special person like you could leave footprints in our hearts.

You were always searching Mark, always searching...have you found it now? I believe you have...I believe that you are now finally at peace...that you have finally found what you were always searching for.

You were so young, so very, very young. For me, you will always be 34. You will live forever will not will live forever, proudly in my heart.

There are so many things I'd like to say to you Mark but the words I cannot find... so I'll end this letter now and speak to you again sometime.

I will always love you...forever.

Till I see you again...all my love, Noen.

Bernadette Sutton

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anniversary date 5-6-99
date of post 6-21-99

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