Our Son Jordan Gregory

April Bender

Our son Jordan Gregory was born Sept. 25 1989 in Stevenage England. We were Americans living abroad at the time. Jordan immediately had breathing difficulites and irregularities in his heart which would go undiagnosed for several weeks. During this time he was transfered to London to Harefield Hospital where he would spend the remainder of his life. Jordan was never taken off of the respirator or many other devices helping to keep him alive. He was eventually diagnosed with DiGeorge Syndrome and Truncus arteriosis of the heart. At six weeks of age Jordan was operated on the correct the heart defect. He never made it thru the surgery.

I can remember sitting there when they told us they had lost him thinking, "well if you lost him then where is he". I just wanted to find him and run. I could just picture myself running thru a field with him in my arms. During his short life we got to hold Jordan twice, but he was always attached to his monitors. After he died we did get to hold him for a while, it was the most wonderful feeling in the world to finally get to hold my beautiful little boy in my arms. Jordan was so beautiful. He was born with this shocking black hair almost an inch long.

After Jordans death while we were still in the hospital. An egyptian man, whose child was also in the hospital, asked me in his broken english how he had done during his surgery. I told him that he had died. The man immediately smiled very brightly. He replied to me "he is in a very wonderful place now, be happy for him" And after that moment I felt almost at peace. He was right, I know some day when I die and I am entering heaven I will hear this little voice call out "Mommy" and I will turn and it will be my little baby Jordan, and this will truly be heaven.

April Bender

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