Dear David

Annette Long

Dear David,

It seems like yesterday that we were just dating? Now you are gone! I miss you so much. I thought I knew you in every way.

Who will I share my laughter and my tears with, who will give me advice when I just don't have any answers? Who will hear and comfort our children's cries? Who will boast with pride "That's my boy." How am I going to be able to fill both pair of shoes?

What if I fail? Who can fill this big hole in my heart and the emptiness in my sole? Will the pain ever subside? I want to be mad at you and hate you but I just can't after all you were my lover and best friend. Will I be able to trust my life and my childrens lives to anyone else. Will we be labelled freaks forever? Will the rumors ever stop?

Will I ever be able to stop at your grave and feel at peace?

David, I may never understand why. But I want you to know that I do forgive you. I just wished you would have taken a different path. To honor your name and live I will go on. I will make a success of the life that we shared. In honor of you.

But please just tell me WHY?



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