In Loving Memory of James Jamelle "J.J." Sturgis

Annie Sturgis

In Loving Memory of James Jamelle "J.J." Sturgis
By Annie Sturgis of Clayton, Louisiana

Oh! "Melzie" Dear, it's been a year, since you gave up your life.
The absence of you "My Dear son" cuts through me like a knife.

The answers to my questions "Dear" were kept hidden from my sight.

Our meeting on the judgement day, will bring them all to light.
Now sleep in "Jesus' arms" my dear! throughout your eternal rest.
"Till that great day, there is no way no other one could take your place.

Sadly missed by Momma and your entire family. Poem written by Annie Sturgis from Clayton, Louisiana

Annie Sturgis

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anniversary date 05-27-96
date of post 10-22-96

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