My Beloved Mom

Anita Kibbles

We tried as hard as we could to help mom prepare for her final days on this earth. She had colon cancer and it had metastisized after all the agony of chemo. My brother had decided to go along with her wishes to die at home. And so, we stopped working both of us, when she became too weak to care for herself. We stayed with her round the clock for about 4 weeks. Then in the wee early hours of April 24, she went thru agonizing vomiting and slipped into unconscoiusness with very vocal and labored breathing. At 4:30 am, she left this world and from that moment on, my life has changed forever. My mom was too young to die. She was only 63 and was a very active, giving, loving vivacious womam. All she ever wanted was to get back to her boutique at a dinner theatre. She loved it there. I miss her so much, I find it unbearable to go on. I am only 44 years old...I never thought I would have to face this loss so soon. My regrets are that we were unable to say "goodbye" when the end was near as she had been delirious for 2 weeks . I want her back. She never harmed anyone, why was she taken ?? The emptiness and pain will be with me the rest of my life. I love you mom--forever. God be with you--Lucy Duggan (mom).

I pray that what my mom went thru in the dying process, that no one else should have to bear such torture---too graphic and horrible to print here.

Anita Kibbles

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