My Younger Sister, Flo

Andrea Corbin

Losing my younger sister Flo at age 42 was the most devastating thing that had ever happen to me. We were so close. My husband and I whom are both 44 yrs. old was her Caretaker for a month. She is a single mom and has a heart as big as gold. .We had bought her home right after Thanksgiving along with her two teenagers 14 & 16 to be with us and the rest of the families till her day came. She was diagnose with breast cancer early of January 1998 and later suffered a brain tumor. Doctors say there was nothing they can do to keep her alive and surgery would have not helped any to make her better. She had numerous of little tumors in her brain and one that was already growing rapidly. Giving her medications didn't help much to stop the swelling of her tumors or stop the pain. Doctors told us she had two to six months to live. As the weeks went by I have notice her conditions was going very fast. I slept with her every night. I held her and cuddle her as she sleeps and groan in pain. I caressed her like how a mother does a sick child. Hardest thing I had to do was to accept that she was dying and to let her go home to god. It was hard to watch her suffer in pain. I wanted so bad to take that pain away from her. I cried so hard cause I felt so helpless. I wish it was me that was dying and not her. Her life was just getting better. God had taken her four weeks after we had bought her home. I was angry with god for taking her away from us and from her two kids. Why does he always take the good ones as I yelled. She was always a sweet person who has helped the needy and troubled kids. We had granted her wishes and laid her to rest on January 8th, 1999. I feeling so lost without her and miss her terribly. Looking at her daughter makes it harder for me cause she resembles her mom so very much. It's so hard not able to hear her voice and touch her warm skin. But I'm so glad that everyday of our lives I've told her how much I love her till the last day of her life. I miss you so much sis and I will always love and care for your kids as you were still here for them.

Love You Sis...

Andrea Corbin

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anniversary date Jan. 1999
date of post 01-12-99

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