Gods Happist Angel-Andew (BooBoo) Jones

Amanda Jones

Hi, my name is Amanda Jones and my son, Andrew, died a little over two weeks ago. He received a bone marrow transplant on 4-11-97 due to a rare cancer that was found in October. He was in the hospital most of his life. He was almost happier in the hospital. He loved attention. All of the hospital loved him. Half of Valley Childrens was at his funeral. Anyway, he was the happiest baby I have ever seen. He would smile for anyone and all the time. He was my life. When I found out I was pregnant I cried. I was so happy!! My husband and I had been trying for about a year and a half to have a baby. I only have a 10% chance to become pregnant. Andrew was my dream come true. He was born 8-16-96 (four days late) 8lb 7oz. He was first admitted to the hospital 10-1-96 for a fever. He didn't come home for 3 more months. We went to Standford Childrens Hospital on 4-1-97 for his BMT. He got it 4-11-97 and all was going good. On Friday the 24th he was taken to PICU to be intubated. That was the last day I ever saw him smile, move, or cry. Every day he got worse. Tuesday the 29th all the family came up. At 11:30am the doctor came and told us his liver and kidneys shut down and his lungs were filling with fluid. He only had about a hour to live. I got hold and rock him one last time. Everyone was there with him. I couldn't stay when they turned off the machine. My husband was holding him when he died at 12:32pm. Bryan said the second his heart stopped, a single tear rolled down his cheek. I think that was his good bye. He was my beloved BooBoo and when he died he took a piece of my heart and soul with him. Mommy and daddy miss and love you BooBoo. I hope God makes sure you have your binki.

Andrew James Duane Jones
8-16-96 4-29-97
Gods Happiest Angel

Amanda Jones

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