The Only Sibling I Had-- My Gorgeous Rachel


My wonderful sister, Rachel, passed away completely unexpectedly 2 years ago. I still think about her every second of the day. She was my best friend and the most gorgeous person I have ever seen. Now that I think about her, she looked like an angel. She was just getting a job in Memphis after graduating from grad school at Ole Miss. I was a high school sophomore. My parents and I hadn't heard from her all weekend, and we finally called the police on a Monday morning, and they found her in her apartment. One of the hardest things about this is that you can't talk about this with your parents cause they are grieving too, and none of my friends can even nearly relate because none of them have had this happen to them, and they can't imagine the pain and suffering I go through every second of my life. I dream about her, and I think about her. I really hope God is helping her out and taking really good care of her. I still don't know how she died. I don't know where she is. We got the autopsy in, but my parents say that it is too horrible to read, so I still have no clue how she died. She died on a Friday night, but we didn't find out until Monday morning, so her anniversary is not just 1 day but 4. I would love some comments from you guys. The only person I feel that can relate to me that I have even heard of is Nikki Taylor and this other girl's story I just read in here. Sorry this is so choppy. It's really late, and I am just stressed and tired. Take care, and all of you that are suffering, know that I understand. We all need to cherish every moment although even I don't.

I love you Rach. We will be together again someday.

Take care.

God bless,


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anniversary date Nov. 1-4, 1996
date of post 11-1-98
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