Remembering Those Who Have Been Murdered

Adriana B.

Melodie Blake Ollison---I think of you often. We were on our way to being good friends. I will always know how you were victimized in your family, and I will always care and miss you.

Brenda Judd---Rest assured Brenda, your killer is behind bars, and so is his wife. I am so sorry that you didn't get a proper burial because we couldn't find you. I can rest knowing you are in God's hands now. I remember how you stepped in between me and a bully.

Carol Lum--I forgive you Carol for bullying me all the way through elementary school and into junior high. I always figured things must have been rough for you at home for you to have been mean to me and others.

Mary Holliday---I remember the school trips we took, and how you taught me about Nevada's history. I am deeply sorry that your own son took your life in such a violent way.

Adriana B.

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