Wes Richards

I can't tell you about Dianne's childhood, because I didn't know her then. You see I am not a member of her family.

She was my High School Sweetheart. I do know she was born in Chicago IL. On Nov. 14 1943 to Herbert and Frances Reeves, and grew up in Downers Grove, IL with her older sister Carol, and older brother Bill. When I met her, Carol was all grown up, married and had a son Walter JR. her husband was Walter Carlquist. Her brother was dating a girl named Nancy.

I met Dianne at Wed. nite service at Cass Community Church near my home. I have to say "it was LOVE at first sight in all it's GLORY". She was a Junior at Downers Grove and I was a Senior at Lemont Township High School. We lived about 12 miles apart. Being less than three weeks to Valentines Day, I didn't think it was time for us to be exchanging

gifts, so when I went to see her that Valentine's Sunday, I didn't take her a gift. She had another idea. There was a Valentine's card with three handkerchiefs inside. I guess you pretty well know how I felt. The next Sunday I arrived at her home, while she was still at church, with a dozen long stem Red Roses. Her mother set them on the kitchen table in their box, and I hid in another room. When she came home, her mother told her the box had arrived for her. Looking for a card, that wasn't there she asked "where did they come from?" Her mother told her "Harry must have sent them". She said she didn't know any Harry! At that point I came out of hiding and we all had a good laugh. We did all the things kids did in the 60's, went to church together, I took her to my senior Prom.

After Graduation I joined the Air Force, but before I left I asked her to marry me, and she said "YES". While I was in service I bought her engagement ring and had it engraved inside " to Doll from WES 12/19/60" because I knew I would be home for Christmas on my way to a Base in Ohio. On Sunday the 19th I took her back to the church where we had met almost a year earlier for the evening service. During the service I slipped her engagement ring on her finger, Boy, she was sooooo mad at me because she couldn't kiss me in church so all she did was cry. I came home in may of `61 to take her to her Senior Prom and be there for her Graduation. After Graduation she went to Beauty School in Chicago. In the Fall of `61 she broke our engagement with a lot of prompting from

her mother. I never saw her again. By the time I got out of Service she had married Robert Grune.

This past Oct.`98, I saw her name listed at Classmates on the Internet on my Step-daughter's computer and through a friend of hers got her last name and phone number. Knowing I don't have a lot of time(because of a heart condition and now Diabetes). I picked up my cell phone and called her house. Her husband answered and I asked to

speak to her. After a long pause he told me she had died last July I asked him what day in July (wanting it to be any day but the 11th, my birthday). He said the 26th, I asked why, he said OVARIAN CANCER. Then I asked him if there were any children and he said no, no children. I told him my name and asked him if he had ever heard it and he said he had. There is no picture of Dianne here for you to see, because the only pictures I have are our Prom pictures and the pictures I carry in my heart, have always and will always. For you see I have never stopped loving Dianne from the moment I met her and will continue to love her forever or always, which ever comes first. This Memorial erected in very loving memory of my High School Sweetheart and first and only LOVE.


Wes Richards

anniversary date 07-26-97
date of post 04-27-99


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