Saying goodbye to my brother-in-law

Wendy Rich

My future brother-in-law, Victor, was a wonderful man. He loved the outdoors, music, and he especially loved to sit on the banks of rivers or lakes and just fish all day long. He could always make you laugh, and he always made you feel welcome. One of my fondest memories is the first Thanksgiving with the family. I had only been dating my future Fiancee for a little over 2 months, and I was invited to Thanksgiving dinner. The family is a large family, and at first they can be intimidating each year, one of the four children would lead the Thanksgiving prayer. That year it was Vic's
turn. During his prayer, he thanked the lord for bringing the family safely together, and asked the lord to watch over new members of the family, then he said my name. I will never forget how special that made me feel, and how it
put me right at ease.

Victor was a proud man, and over the years of his life faced many battles, including Krohn's disease. We all knew that Victor had Krohn's, but I didn't know how sick he really was. I had known that he was in pain, and that he wasn't feeling well. Whenever we went out to his house, he always sat and talked to us, and never let on just how much pain he was in. Victor regularly made his doctor's appointments, and I knew he was coming into the city for his appointment. I knew the Krohn's had been acting up, but I figured that Victor would come through it with flying colors. I made my routine phone call to the house like always and found out Victor had leukemia. The Doctors weren't giving him long to live, but Victor was a fighter. At each and every turn he was proving the Doctor's wrong. He was in good spirits, and seemed to be his usual self. Suddenly Vic was admitted to the ICU and after 39 days of fighting, he took his last breath with his family there. As hard as it is to let him go, I take faith in the knowledge that Victor is now pain free, he is not suffering, and we all have a guardian angel in heaven. The Lord knew what he was doing when he called Victor home, for he took someone who was very much loved, and one of the greatest people I
ever knew. I love you, Vic.



Wendy Rich

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