In Memory of the Loss of Our Son

Shotze Argentine

Hi-I am writing this in memory of my husband's son, Anthony. Anthony was murdered last September 25, by my husband's ex-wife. He was only four years old. My husband had been fighting for custody for about 2 years, to no avail. Then, two DAYS after we gotten custody, she over-dosed Anthony in a local hotel room. Her trial was SUPPOSED to be tomorrow, June 28, 1999, but it has been postponed until September 7, 1999. My husband in anticipation of the trial (before we found out it had been postponed), decided he needed time to deal with this all, and moved out. We are newlyweds, being married only since January of this year. He needs time alone to deal with the grief, the trial, and Anthony's birthday is coming up-July 13th. My husband also has to testify as well.


Shotze Argentine

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Shotze Argentine, 32, writes in memory of her son Anthony.